“…very very funny…very very good…” Radio New Zealand National

“Right from the start, when she bounds onto the stage and establishes with supreme confidence the main characters of her story, through to the end of the 75-minute show, her vitality and drive is relentless.” The Dominion Post

“I rarely resort to the accolade ‘tour de force’ but here it is entirely appropriate. Olive Copperbottom will give you the best of times, even as it comments on our worst of times.” Theatreview

“It was a sparkling and lively performance from talented performer Penny Ashton, with another of her brilliant one woman shows. It’s quite a feat to be on stage playing an array of characters – male, female, young and old, with a wide range of voices and accents, singing songs, dancing, or serenading us with a ukulele – for over an hour without a break. But being a seasoned pro, she makes it look easy.” The 13th Floor

“Ashton gives a virtuoso performance as multiple characters. Rather than costume changes she relies on slight physical and accent changes to outline each character. She’s not afraid of five different characters within one song, each following the other in rapid succession.” Wellingtonista

“For a truly absorbing, electrically energetic, madly captivating show, you must see Olive Copperbottom.” Wellington Regional News

“Yet her eye for satire, the consistently high level of laughs throughout, her marvelous physicality, and her sheer likability even when dealing with hecklers and slip-ups raises the bar for one-person shows everywhere. Oh, and it’s a musical, too.” Salient


“…Ten minutes into Promise and Promiscuity I knew I had to see it again. It was just that good — brilliantly performed, absolutely hilarious, and by far the best one-person show I’ve ever seen..” Mooney on Theatre, Toronto, July 2016

“Along with surprisingly sweet music, Ashton brings a modern sensibility to the tale, poking fun at period etiquette, life-threatening rain, and the plight of women — who will surely be on equal financial footing with men 200 years hence. She also makes good on the program’s innuendo warning, contributing to the general merriment and needing little persuasion to draw laughter from an appreciative audience.” 4.5 Stars Winnipeg Free Press, July 2016

Ashton is a wonderful whirling dervish – seamlessly segueing between at least eight characters, weaving a wonderful yarn and spellbinding her audience. Following the story is made simple by Ashton, each of her characters are wonderfully larger than life, have distinguishable manners and features, and she never deviates or steps out of them” 4.5 Stars, Reviews Hub, Edinburgh 2016


“…a unique and exceptionally innovative piece of entertaining theatre not to be missed.” The Dominion Post, Wellington NZ, May 2016

“Indeed not only does Miss Ashton deliver her own and Jane Austen’s deliciously witty and eloquent text with due alacrity and vocal panache but she also personifies her plethora of Austenesque characters with admirable physical dexterity.”  Theatreview, Wellington, May 2016

“Promise and Promiscuity is playful, clever and electric. Ashton’s charm and energy created some truly delightful moments…” Art Murmurs, Wellington May 2016

“She gets a standing ovation tonight, and quite right too. Get a ticket if you can.” Theatreview, Hamilton, February 2016


“…razor-sharp wit.” 5 Stars, Three Weeks

“…this is a tour-de-force.” 5 Stars, Edinburgh 49+3

“…a sparkling performer whose energy bounces off the stage.” 4 Stars, The Scotsman

“…stays just this side of bonkers…puts the allegro into Austen.” 4 Stars, The Daily Mail



“I left with a grin on my face, already planning who I would take next to see it. It’s Pride and Prejudice gone wild in the best way.” 5 Stars, Rip It Up, Adelaide February 2015

“A razor-sharp turn of phrase (more Wilde than Austen for its spectacular backhandedness) and an enthusiastic physical performance make this quite literally a laugh a minute.” 4.5 Stars, Adelaide Advertiser, February 2015

“…you’ll be absolutely enchanted and hilariously entertained…. Double bravo!” The Barefoot Review, February 2015

“…witty, fast paced and positively charming production.” 4 Stars, Clothesline, February 2015

“As Ashton takes her bow, the audience shows their appreciation through thunderous applause…”  CargoArt Magazine, February 2015

“This is an extremely neatly penned concoction, very well acted and excellently staged. As they say, “It deserves to run and run.”  Australian Stage, Perth, February 2015

“Penny Ashton wows with her writing, singing and dancing in the pastiche…” Arts Hub Australia, Perth, February 2015, 4 Stars

“…Ashton skips (literally) between her many characters, and is a joy in all of them.” The West Australian, Perth, February 2015

“…an assured and completely engaging presence, whose quicksilver romp through her material keeps her audience rapt.” Theatreview, Christchurch, January 2015



“…a triumph of delightful satire.” Otago Daily Times, October 2014

“…she struts, preens, and pouts her way through what is a lightening-paced and riotous parody.” Theatreview, Christchurch, 2014

“…a delight to watch.” Theatreview, Auckland, 2014

“…she brilliantly modified a tale of an early Romantic era amalgamating Austen’s novels and combining it with contemporary nonsense. Her performance was captivating, it was witty, clever, energetic and near perfect (all in old English too).” Mac and Mae, Auckland 2014


“But first and foremost, Ashton’s play is – like an Austen novel – about a good story well told. And that, dear reader, is why I suggest you see it.” 5 Stars CBC Winnipeg 2014

“…a gloriously crowded one-woman show…” 4.5 Stars Winnipeg Free Press 2014

“…a winning production, one that works its powers of persuasion on Austen devotees and novices alike.” 4 Stars Calgary Herald 2014

“Somewhere Jane is smiling.” 5 Stars, Edmonton Sun 2014

“Ashton is an absolute revelation…a tour de force.” 5 Stars, Global TV, Edmonton 2014

“Fantastic…” 4 Stars, Vue Weekly, Edmonton 2014


“…in the hands of Misses Ashton and Austen, this is an “attractive ball” of a show.” NZ Herald 2013 February

“Promise and Promiscuity is a fast-paced romp that entertains from the opening scene to the hilarious final bow.” Theatreview February 2013

“The well-crafted script is decidedly cheeky and dripping with irony – the witty double entendres and cleverly tweaked names bring this 19th century story to modern day, making it more easily accessible.” The Whimsical Banana 4 Stars February 2013



“New Zealander Penny Ashton is a delight to behold in this one-woman pastiche of Jane Austen and modern culture, and you’ll be delighted whether or not you know your Bennets from your Dashwoods.” CBC Winnipeg 5 Stars

“For lovers of Regency Era romances, modern musicals, and cheeky wordplay in general, Promise and Promiscuity accomplishes a successful mashup of genres that many modern re-imaginings can only hope to achieve.” The Charlebois Post.

“A Regency romance pop-culture musical mash-up full of double entendres and cheeky fun, Promise and Promiscuity will please both Janeites and Jane-whos.” Winnipeg Free Press 4 Stars


“…most naughty and diverting. Spiffing.” 4 1/2 Stars Edmonton Journal 2013

“Fringe performers take note: this is how you do a one-man show.” 4 Stars Edmonton Vue Weekly 2013

“Promise and Promiscuity is simply a wonderful production…exceedingly clever satire.” Plank Magazine, Vancouver

“Ashton, who sings beautifully, writes new words — sometimes in the manner of Gilbert and Sullivan — to contemporary songs and charms the pants off us in the process.” Vancouver Courier

“a one-woman tour de force filled with cleverness…A riot of a show.” Vancouver Escape

“…one woman channels a colourful cast with only props, vocal gests, and gesticulations. And she does it with incredible ease and clarity. Beethoven and Bon Jovi pair up as Ashton sings and ukuleles her way through romantic angst with effortless exuberance.” CVV Magazine, Victoria



“Yes, Hot Pink Teeth ‘n’ Tits is a romp. The visuals – and I include Ashton in this – are stunning and the laughs roll over us…” Auckland – Theatreview

“Fizzing comedy served with a side of smarts and lycra.” Wellington Theatreview

If you love pomp and pageantry, tiaras and tinsel, and your camp high, you’ll love this show.”


Breastrest“…this polished and confidently performed show takes an irreverent look at sex that is far from dirty and very, very funny.” Dominion Post, Wellington February 2007.

“Ashton was a ball of confident energy; singing, dancing, mincing and prancing her way around the stage and up into the audience…” Lumiere, Wellington February 2007

“…a sumptuous and carefully selected buffet of juicy material…It’s just really refreshing to see someone having such a ball broaching every imaginable angle of sex-for-sale without a hint of shyness, or resorting crass gags. Obviously the audience weren’t that squeamish or they wouldn’t have come to an act called Hot Pink Bits, but anyone that was a bit timid at first was put at ease by the end of

the show by Ashton’s warm, enveloping, gutsy and fun manner.” Theatreview, Auckland May 2007

“… delightfully sleazy …Ashton is as warm and self-deprecating as she is bold — and hilariously sexy.” 4 1/2 Stars – Winnipeg Sun, Winnipeg July 2007

“Hilarious! Hilarious! Hilarious! Some audience members were laughing so hard that they were in tears. A true gem, this show may certainly be the best comedy at the Fringe this year.” UMFM Winnipeg July 2007

“The writing snaps like a garter belt strap, and Ashton’s energy never gets flaccid.” 4 1/2 Stars Saskatoon Star Phoenix, August 2007

“Honestly, I am just so grateful that I was able to see this seasoned performer at work! Penny Ashton is probably the most intelligent, sharp-witted comedian at the Fringe this year!” CBC Saskatoon, August 2007

“…a veritable hoot.” 4 Stars The Edmonton Journal, August 2007

“…an extremely talented and hilarious New Zealand comedienne with a tight show … that left the audience in tears.” 4 Stars See Magazine, Edmonton, August 2007

“Up there with the Rimutaka Mountains as one of New Zealand’s greatest natural resources.” The Edmonton Sun. August 2007

“…she’s a bumping, grinding dynamo on stage who’s onto something: Mother Nature is one kinky gal.” Vancouver Courier, September 2007

“Ashton is a great cabaret performer with plenty of energy to lead us all in some decidedly silly games.” Vancouver Sun, September 2007

“Sex. Penis. Vagina.” 4 Stars Adelaide Advertiser

“This show is hot, horny and hilarious. It is the funniest show this reviewer has seen so far in the Fringe. It will be very hard to top.” 5 Stars Adelaide Theatre Guide

“…wonderfully shameless.” The Age

“Ashton is irresistibly charismatic, her humour is infectious and her razor sharp wit incisive and exceedingly saucy.” Adelaide Independent Weekly

“Her naughty ditties are sung beautifully…” Arts Hub

“the entire audience was applauding and cheering wildly…” The Groggy Squirrel

“…brilliant…” Otago Daily Times March 09

“A sure sign a comedian is good is when you’re hitting yourself uncontrollably in an attempt to shift the gut-cramp pain induced by laughter.” Southland Express March 09

“Ashton is an engaging performer who simultaneously put the audience at ease while demonstrating just what a corset can do for a gal. ” Waikato Times


Winnipeg Fringe“MC Hot Pink A Kiwi comedienne extraordinaire! Resplendent in a hot pink gown, pink heels, pink sparkly eyeshadow and fiery red hair, MC Hot Pink will make you laugh and make you think. She’s classy, sassy, raunchy and downright rude…….. Hot Pink and Bootyful!” Plank Magazine Vancouver

Globetrotting Fringe favourite Penny Ashton (aka MC Hot Pink) blazes fire across the stage in all her big-breasted glory in this racy one-woman show. A genre-busting performance poet, singer, dancer and savagely funny raconteuse specialising in tales of relationships and inevitable heartbreak, she confronts, pummels and overcomes over and over again. At the same time, Penny never forgets that she’s a lady, even when discussing her huge “norks” or the multi-species dating scene in her particular corner of New Zealand. She educates as she gyrates, putting bad men in their place without sinking to their level. She loves men, but she does have a lot of advice for them. In less talented and more earnest hands, her messages could alienate, but at the performance I attended, she charmed our pants off whether she was exposing her vulnerabilities in measured tones or dancing up a butt-slapping hip-hop storm. The finale alone is worth the price of admission.” 4 Stars – Barry Bristman, See Magazine.

“She’s a funny, bawdy babe in a full-length pink ballgown with a great singing voice.” Pat Donnelly – Montreal Gazette

“Ashton’s super-sassy high-energy rhymes should still have everyone tickled, well, Pink.” Lindsey Ward – Winnipeg Sun

Penny Ashton has really big boobs. So big, in fact, her G-cup bra fits over her head. It’s easy to remember her lovely lady lumps – but so much more fun to experience her live show and alter-egos MC Hot Pink and Busty Rhymes… ” Cassandra Kyle, – 4 Stars

“As you may have gathered, sex is the game here in this raucous, high energy and often hilarious view of the procreative urge. Ashton’s potty mouth could blister paint, her metaphors are graphic but the aim is to entertain. She is a funny lady and, despite her down-and-dirty delivery, is so resolutely disarming that it is hard to take exception. … Apparently the word “roots,” associated with a sportswear logo in Canada means something quite different in New Zealand, leading to much merriment Down Under when our entire Olympic team wore Roots shirts…..In my notes, I wrote, “This is not a show to bring your mother-in-law to,” but because of some scheduling problems, I brought mine. She’s 90 years old. She told me later that she was laughing so hard she couldn’t get her breath. Perhaps that is a measure of just how saucy and just downright comic this Down Under import is. — Colin MacLean, Edmonton Sun – 4 Stars

FOR VARIOUS GLOBAL EXPLOITSGerman World Cup of Theatresports

“I really enjoyed it.” Pam Ayres

“…a cross between Lynn of Tawa and Graham Norton….bossy, shameless and hysterical…..she has the audiences belly laughing….Highly recomended.” Express

“This is Antipodean Sex in the City except funnier; Hot Pink Poetry poked sly fun in a slick performance that made us laugh at our own experiences.” bFm

“…deliciously naughty rhyme.” NZOOM

“…the packed audience … enjoyed the ribald rhymes and artful alliteration – sorry, it’s contagious – and warmed to Dirty Pink’s obvious delight in performance at Bats.” Dominion Post

“…like a sick Sex and the City episode, but funny.” Dominion Post

“Penny Ashton…works the Bridget Jones subject area very well and has created an art-form out of being single. As a comedian she is warm and funny…” Waikato Time

“…infectious energy and a large dollop of oestrogen…..a full fat fix of pure talent.” Wanganui Chronicle

“Terrific original poems and songs effortlessly melded…” Wanganui Chronicle

“Ashton is the kind of comedian I really love…the type of woman you’d want to be friends with…” The Package

“What an amazing entertainer Penny Ashton is. She certainly is a cabaret poetry performer, especially with her opening song “All That Jazz”. What a tremendous singer! She captivated the audience all the way.” River City Press

“..enough energy onstage to push a barge up Lyttleton Harbour…the audience was in the palm of her hand.” Christchurch Press

“…brilliant….Poetry to make you hungry, horny and happy.” Three Weeks – Edinburgh – 5 Stars

“…fabulous…hilarious verse…pacy, fun and entertaining…Comic verse for the Bridget Jones generation.” Hairline – Edinburgh – 4 Stars

ChCh 2 Hot Pink Bits 056“…sexy demeanour and flirtatious smile…impressive vocal skills.” Fest Magazine – Edinburgh – 4 Stars

“…vivacious…highly entertaining…sheer charm and energy…a show and a performer that you can’t help liking.” The Scotsman – Edinburgh

“…this fizzing, Antipodiette powerhouse who bursts out of herself, on to the stage and into the audience is a wee treat for those of us who are fed up with same old stand up and loathe wimpy sentimental poetry… a both passionate and thoughtful performance…the rhyming pop tart can’t fail on a stage in the English speaking world. If you like your women real, hot and pink but not Barbie, Penny Ashton is well worth the ticket money.” – Edinburgh – 4 Stars

“…a whirlwind, energetic show…clever, fresh and genuinely entertaining.” The New Zealand Herald 2005

“…her cascade of jokes and one-liners was as explosive and dazzling as Guy Fawkes.” National Business Review 20.05.05

“This lady likes her breasts. In fact, she likes them so much she’s made a rap about them. And why not when you’re this funny? ….an evening of extreme amusement. Not for the misogynists out there, who would quiver at the sight of such a ballsy female, this is a perfect night out for anyone who loves women….plus, anyone who can get two seemingly straight laced men thrusting at each other on stage is worth a look.” Three Weeks – Edinburgh 2005 – Five Stars

“….a potty-mouthed Pam Ayres.” Metro – Edinburgh 2005 – Four Stars

“MC Hot Pink Busty Ryhmes grabs the audience by the collar and stuffs their faces down her cleavage for a hour of fun and rap-poetry. Her Double D cup runneth over! The grateful audience shakes the Pleasance Hut with it’s roar of approval.” VERSEVEND – Edinburgh 2005 – Four Stars

“…a gutsy, busty entertainment babe.” – Edinburgh 2005 – Four

“…astonishingly good…pink or blue she’s hot.” The Adelaide Advertiser – 2006

“..I found myself lap-dancing on a table for eight strangers…” Sunday Mail – Adelaide 2006

“…hysterical from beginning to end…a wild ride.” Rip It Up – Adelaide 2006

“…one of the most engaging, warm yet rude shows of the Fringe.” DB Magazine – Adelaide 2006

“Poetry has never been as funny….the pink lady had the crowd in hysterics….Perhaps the highlight of the night was when she dragged the poor Mayor up to the stage for the finale….” The Gisborne Herald – 2006

“She was funny, charmingly friendly and warm – just the person you’d want to cheer you up if you needed a good laugh at life……Pure class.”  The Nelson Mail – Hot Pink Does Vegas 2006


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